Princecraft's Fishing Deck Has You Covered

May 2012 Feature

When you're looking at a fishing boat, you definitely want to be able to appreciate the small details. Serious fishermen don't want to buy a deck boat just because it has a rod holder or two. No, these anglers want all the bells and whistles, while getting the family-friendly benefits of buying a deck boat to boot. If you're one of these hardcore enthusiasts, the Ventura 224 from Princecraft deserves a closer look.

Princecraft prides itself on its full line of aluminum deck boats, which are known for being made from the toughest marine-grade alloy available (5052-H36), which results in these boats being impressively light and stable. Deck boats are well-known for their family-friendly features, including extra lounging space, changing room and the speed needed to wakeboard and ski. But what is not often considered is that deck boats can make great fishing boats as well, and the Ventura 224 is great evidence of this.

Princecraft also maintains that its aluminum line requires less maintenance than a comparable fiberglass boat, while offering better gas mileage too. Throw in a higher resale value, and Princecraft deck boats should make even the most dedicated fiberglass boat owner take a second glance.

Fisherman's Paradise

But enough chat about the overall benefits of Princecraft's aluminum line. Let's dive into the nitty gritty of the Venture 224. This boat's list of standard features reads like a book, with highlights like four pedestal folding fishing seats and two built-in, electric-fill aerated livewells (20 gallons each) with post-overflow, anti-spill cover and thru-hull drain systems. That's right, four fishing seats and two livewells, which means the two fishermen at the bow and the two at the stern each have a livewell located conveniently close.

In addition, you can find a seven-foot lockable rod storage compartment below decks, because if someone "borrows" your brand-new Fenwick off your boat, Christmas is too long to wait for a replacement. Options include a Lowrance X-52 fish/depth finder, featuring a water temperature indicator, gimbal brackets and swivel adapter, perfect for finding that ideal fishing cove this summer.


Princecraft knows that even the most hardcore fisherman wants to take a spin around the lake just for fun every once in a while, and so the Venture 224 is also fun for that afternoon tubing trip with the kids. Its high-performance deep-Vee reverse chine hull is designed to get the 224 up on plane quickly and cut through the water fast enough to pull tubers out of their seats.

What this boils down to is this: if you're a fisherman with a family, you'd be hard pressed to find a more well-rounded boat for your lifestyle. No need to maintain a bass fishing boat, speedster boat and family time vessel; the Ventura 224 can fulfill all of those needs while taking just one spot in your driveway.

The helm features a Thermoformed Laser Wave dash panel with lighted switches, as well as an AM/FM/CD stereo with iPod controls and satellite radio compatibility. A 12-volt outlet gives you the ability to charge a phone or electric air pump. Instrumentation includes a tachometer, voltmeter, speedometer, trim and fuel gauges.


Princecraft was founded in 1954 in Princeville, Quebec, Canada, as Aluminum Boats and Canoes. It wasn't until 2001 that the company was officially renamed Princecraft Boats, Inc., but the journey to reach that point was a strong one. After building aluminum fishing boats for the first 30 years of its existence, Princecraft entered the world of pontoon boats in 1985. From the company website, "After making sure we can manufacture pontoons of the same high quality and comfort, Princecraft pontoon boats are introduced to the aluminum boat family."

1992 was another milestone for the company, as they began producing deck boats to go along with the fishing and pontoon boats. Nine years later, Brunswick International Limited acquired the company, and the new name was Princecraft, as we know it today.

Going Forward

In 2011, Princecraft continues to follow its strong tradition of quality with six lines of pontoon boats, two specific deck boat lines and eight more lines dedicated to fishing crafts. It's been a  long journey, but through it all, Princecraft has been known as a strong name, with plenty to back it up.

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