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Published in the July 2012 Issue July 2012 Ask The Expert

Most of you can probably remember your first `toon: all the information that went into making sure it was the right model for you, and how it made you feel on the maiden voyage. Now we have someone on our new and improved forums who has asked for help.

Mike: Hello everyone, I'm a new member to this forum and I'm looking for some advice. We are looking for a new pontoon for our cottage. We regularly have eight to 10 people there, so we are looking for a 24-foot or bigger I think. Any suggestions for a first time buyer? Brands, size, features, engine, etc.

Texas Toon was quick to respond: Hi Mike. How big is the lake you will be boating on? If you are talking about Lake Erie then a triple toon with probably a 150hp engine will be necessary. Bennington, G3 and several others would work. You're looking at the $40K price range and up for a new one. Used ones are a lot less depending on age and condition.

cwag911 is a senior member and offered his advice: Hey Mike, welcome to the forum. Lake size and number of people were already mentioned, but how deep your pockets are is another issue. If it's a large lake you'll want a triple pontoon, which sits higher on the water and takes the waves better. We love our Bennington, but just about all of them are well-made these days. Let us know what you're looking at spending and we can help.

Slam Dunk asked for even further clarification: A couple of other questions to ask. Will you trailer the pontoon or will it be in a slip? And have you ever owned a boat of any kind before? Sometimes a used one for a season or two will help you decide what you may like in the future. Also another suggestion-if you have access-would be to rent. Try various sizes depending on the number of guests you have. That may help you decide what one kind will fit your needs most often. Good luck! Half the fun is dreaming of the possibilities!

As you can see, there is a great chance you could help Mike out! Log on to the forums and search for the "In the market for our first pontoon!" thread to tell us about your first `toon and offer some advice to Mike as he beings to embark on this incredible journey. The forums are located at

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