Marine Bluetooth Receiver

Published in the July 2012 Issue Published online: Jul 11, 2012 Ask The Expert

The latest stereo to join the Milennia brand, Prospec Electronics introduces the MILPRV21. The 4 x 45W, AM/FM receiver offers Bluetooth audio streaming and many other features in a compact size.

Implementing U.S. and European tuning, the MILPRV21 has a USB input for playing USB sticks. An auxiliary input enables users to plug in portable media devices for more music versatility.

Clearly marked, intuitive controls make playing music and the radio simple. Users can easily adjust the volume with push-button keys. Built to handle the rough marine environment, this receiver has a waterproof faceplate and measures 6 inches long by 4 inches wide by 2 inches deep. Prospec also added an RF remote-ready option to the unit that can be purchased separately.

Prospec Electronics' MILPRV21 retails for $169.95. (