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Published in the October 2012 Issue Published online: Oct 12, 2012
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Replacing worn-away anodes is an important end-of-season project for boat owners. CMP Global's Martyr engine anode kits simplify the task by taking the guesswork out of protecting valuable marine equipment, particularly engines that require multiple anodes. All the needed pieces are packaged together for convenience.

Any boat, whether run in fresh, brackish or saltwater, is at risk for galvanic corrosion and needs anode protection. Not all anodes are suitable for every environment, so it's essential to correctly match the anode material to the type of waters in which a vessel operates. Martyr zinc alloys offer protection in saltwater, while aluminum alloys protect in either salt or brackish water. Magnesium is the only alloy proven to preserve metals in fresh water. Anodes may require more frequent changing in order to provide the correct cathodic protection on vessels that move between environments.

Owners of popular Mercury and Volvo engines who are looking for the convenience of a packaged kit can choose from Martyr zinc, aluminum and magnesium anode sets. Both aluminum and magnesium anode kits are available for popular Yamaha engines as well. All kits include fastening hardware and installation instructions. Additionally, CMP Global offers individual anodes to fit virtually all outboard and sterndrive applications, including BRP, Honda, Mercury MerCruiser, Nissan and Suzuki.

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