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Published in the October 2012 Issue Published online: Oct 12, 2012
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Feldten Marine for its 125th anniversary is launching a new line of boat sealing products. Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ and Metal Sealer based on cutting edge chemical nanotechnology combines cleaning, polishing and protection of the boat's gelcoat and metal surfaces.  

The marine environment is harsh: UV radiation, saltwater, green algae and overall mechanical wear and tear all leave their mark.  

Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ combines cleaning, polishing and sealing in one step. Unlike traditional treatments that require washing, polishing and application of wax in separate stages, everything is handled with one product in one application process, saving time and materials. 

Feldten Marine Metal Sealer, which is based on the same technology as the Gelcoat Sealer UV+, will give outstanding results in one application, saving time and materials. This sealer can be used directly on oxidized and untreated metal surfaces. It is very efficient on removing rust spots on stainless steel surfaces.  

Feldten Marine Gelcoat Sealer UV+ and Metal Sealer retails at $25 and is enough to treat a 30-foot boat. For more information visit

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