PDB Tested: Nomad Cordless Power Cleaner

October 2012 PDB Tested Brady L. Kay

There's a benefit to being an editor of a publication and that's getting to see and test the latest new products. But another advantage is that I get to compare these products to previous models and such is the case with this Nomad.

I was a big supporter of the previous model, but to be honest I can't believe how much better this new version is. The last version needed to always be plugged into a 12-volt outlet and so you were limited on what you could clean. Being cordless takes this Nomad to a whole new level. It's best used to wash down sandy feet before coming aboard your boat or to power wash the floor after a day of fishing or just playing. But because it runs on a rechargeable battery, clean up is a lot faster. Plus now you have practically an endless list of other ways you can use this.

An 18-volt cordless power cleaner, Nomad delivers three and a half gallons of water at mud-blasting 90-PSI and comes with an ergonomic, adjustable spray nozzle. Plus the 20-foot abrasion-resistant, flexible hose allows for plenty of reach. I really like the padded shoulder strap; it makes carrying around those gallons of water really easy. I also like how the tank is detachable and it comes with a water-cleansing filter and one-hour charger, providing the power needed to clean everything and anything.  

This pressurized cleaner is truly portable - the removable battery pack delivers enough power to run through three full tanks of water. When additional, constant power is needed, a 12-volt, 10-foot power cord attachment plugs into any boat or vehicle's optional power outlet.

This is ideal for those clean freaks out there and so a nice added touch is the attached zippered pouch and spacious pockets that allow you to store the hose, nozzle, battery and charger. It's available in two colors-orange and green-and you can get extra batteries for extended use, but you'd be surprised how long it takes to go through three and a half gallons of water.

Nomad has a suggested retail price of $249.99, and includes a one-year manufacturer's limited warranty. I'm not sure what it costs to have a washdown installed on a boat these days, but this seems like a fair price. Plus it can do a lot more than a typical boat washdown system can do.   

Style, functionality and overall durable design, yeah this product has it all. It earns a high rating because I feel it's such a great fit for this industry. 

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