PDB Tested: Trailer Guardian Hitch Lock

November 2012 PDB Tested Brady L. Kay

I put the Trailer Guardian through the ultimate torture test-California. If anyone really wants to steal your boat bad enough, there really isn't a lot you can do about it. But since I was traveling through a number of different cities, I wanted to take ever precaution that I could to ensure that my boat would make it home safely.

So I contacted The Trailer Guardian by DuraSafe, Incorporated of Wisconsin. I wanted to test this new safety and anti-theft device that the manufacturer claimed could be installed in seconds. As far as installation is concerned, this really is an easy product to use. The hardest part is removing your ball from the ball mount and then sliding the Trailer Guarding on. Then you reinstall the ball through the base and you're ready to hook up your trailer. The last step is to secure the trailer coupler to the ball and the locking pin is what keeps it secure. It really is that simple.

The product is designed to slow down most thieves and on my trip it did allow me to sleep a little easier at nights when I'd leave my boat in the hotel parking lot. I made it home without any problems so as an anti-theft device, it passed the test with flying colors.

The Trailer Guardian also eliminates the fear of an accidental trailer separation. You should always use your safety chains when towing, but this product can help if a coupler is not properly secured, you have a mismatched coupler and ball or if your equipment fails. These are all just some of the reasons a decoupling situation can occur.

I like the design because it's easy to use and will slow a boat thief down. But in order to really secure your trailer and to keep it from disappearing in the night, you must have a locking pin for your actual trailer hitch package. If not, someone could just pull the pin and get away with not only your trailer, but also your ball hitch.

The Trailer Guardian retails for around $45, depending on the model you choose and is available at leading boating and fishing equipment retailers.

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