Floe Craft

February 2013 Feature

Wayne Floe is kinda a big deal. His innovative approach to boating accessories has been the driving force behind Floe International for over 20 years. The Minnesota-based company specializes in making docks, boat lifts and other marine accessories.

Floe could have easily stopped there. But he didn't. He began to imaging a boat in which the pontoon and the captain cruiser were combined. Something where you can play in the sun like yet still be shielded from the elements if need be. Plus, it would definitely need to handle like a power boat.

What came to be of this idea is now called the Floe Craft, a 36-foot "sport yacht convertible," which Floe calls "The Ultimate Crossover."

"We're creating our own category of boats," Floe said this week at the Minneapolis Boat Show.

The design is very open but the boat has the ability to close off. The fore and aft decks are open for when the weather is optimal, as is the cabin, which is also open air and roofless. But when the weather changes, you can close the windows, roof and doors, keeping out the elements.

There are a few early models available for inspection at different boat shows. The company is working on a major addition to their current operation, which will hopefully be completed this spring. From there, production will be begin on a large scale. Floe hopes to see them in marinas across the country by next year. 

This highly modified `toon is expected to retail around the $200,000. Tell us what you think at http://www.facebook.com/PDBMagazine

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