Forum Member Spotlight: Nightfisher

Published online: Feb 22, 2013 Forum Member Spotlight
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Greg a.k.a. Nightfisher has been a forum member since 2007 and often regales us with awesome catfishing stories and photos. You can follow his adventures even more closely by liking him on Facebook. Here's the link...

1. What kind of boat do you currently own?

An old 24ft 1978 Harris Flote Bote converted into a catfishing boat. It's not the prettiest toon on the water, but I've put a lot of time and effort into fixing it up.

2. What is your favorite thing about it?

The open layout and stability really makes it great for fishing. I have no fixed furniture other than a single pedestal seat behind the console. All other seating is just patio chairs that can be moved out of the way easily when a big fish is on. 

3. What is your dream boat?

I would have to say a custom built 24ft triple toon with aluminum decking, under skinning, and set up like a center console with a 150 outboard. An optional full enclosure and side scan sonar would also be mandatory.

4. Share a fun/exciting boating memory: 

Last spring my oldest son Quinn, 12 at the time, and I fished for just a couple of hours and boated over 100lbs of catfish, including a 30lbr he reeled in and a 54lbr that I reeled in not 5 minutes later. It was non-stop action as soon as the baits hit the water. We were pretty much baiting one rod while reeling another in. 

5. What is the must have boating accessory? 

A good fishing buddy! lol. Seriously though, a good anchor and rope that sets quick and easy is a must have for any pontoon boat.

6. How long have you been boating? 

About 10 years

7. Where do you typically boat?

99% of the time I'm on the James and Appomattox rivers here in Va.

8. What part of the country has the best boating?

Beats me. I've never been there, but boating in Florida has always looked pretty good to me, but some places look a bit crowded in the photos I've seen.

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