New mechanical steering system for outboards

March 2013 News

Teleflex Marine has recently introduced its innovative Xtreme Steering System-bringing a new level of smooth, effortless handling and precision control to an important class of boats. New for 2012, this advanced, American-built mechanical steering system will enhance the driving experience and operational control of a wide range of outboard powered boats, including pontoons.

A key to this new system's performance is Teleflex's Xtreme Steering Cable, based on technology pioneered for the company's revolutionary Xtreme Control Cables. This robust, high-performance cable features splined ridges on the inner liner for minimal contact between the liner and core. This design allows the core to glide freely, for minimal lost motion and smoother, easier steering. The resulting reduction in cable friction not only improves performance, it keeps the entire steering system running smoother, longer.

This new generation steering cable is matched with Teleflex's new Xtreme Steering Helm featuring a high-efficiency, custom gear train and an improved No Feedback (NFB) clutch that minimizes the effects of engine torque. This new NFB clutch design allows for smoother clutch release each time the wheel is turned. This results in smooth and seamless steering in both directions and at all engine speeds. Models are available without NFB.

Teleflex Xtreme Steering reduces the effort required to turn the wheel in boats with higher horsepower engines or hulls with large wetted surfaces. Teleflex's Xtreme Helm has the smallest available footprint, for easy installation on even the tightest helm stations.

Because it uses the same mounting pattern and bracket location as current Teleflex steering systems, it is an ideal and affordable performance upgrade for the widest variety of boats. The helm incorporates a new Xtreme Bezel with updated styling to complement any dash or console-or it can be used with Teleflex Sport or Sport.

The new Teleflex Xtreme Steering will not only improve the driving experience of just about any boat, it is literally a snap to install. Teleflex's innovative Dual Quick Connect feature makes attaching the steering cable and spent travel tube to back of the helm a simple and fast operation. This total system was designed in the USA by Teleflex Marine engineers-the same engineers who are members of the technical committees to the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC)-and proudly built and assembled in America.

"It took years of development and testing, but we have delivered the most advanced mechanical steering system yet for boats of this class," says Tom Douglass, Teleflex Marine's VP of sales and marketing. "Every boater deserves smooth, efficient driving performance and now Teleflex is providing the best mechanical steering system in the marketplace. Our new Xtreme Steering System is aimed right at the heart of the boat building and boating market, so it will deliver its benefits to the greatest number of enthusiasts. We're proud of this innovation and proud to be bringing this new system to the industry."

Boat builders should contact their Teleflex Marine representative for more details. Consumers can learn more about new Teleflex Xtreme Steering through their local marine dealer, or by visiting the Teleflex Marine website. Teleflex Marine is the leading global provider of OEM and aftermarket products and accessories for the recreational marine and related markets. Sold around the world under the Sierra, SeaStar, BayStar, Prime Line and Proheat brands, the Company's products are recognized for their quality, reliability and technical innovation. For more information, please visit

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