PDB Tested: Tourney Trail Baitcasting Reel

Published online: Apr 19, 2013 PDB Tested

Some products are more fun to test than others, but when it comes to "testing" fishing equipment, you don't need to tell me twice. Once I heard that Cabela's had teamed up with the fishing-reel experts at Quantum to develop a Cabela's-exclusive Tourney Trail Baitcasting Reel, I knew I needed to get my hands on one.

The reel features a dual braking system, which includes a combination of magnetic and centrifugal mechanisms; a drag system that utilizes a stainless washer with a Teflon-coated non-asbestos washer for smooth, powerful performance that resists heat buildup; an aluminum frame with graphite side covers; and seven stainless-steel bearings. Okay, so I don't exactly know exactly what all that means, but I love the on/off flipping switch that helps make this reel a hit when fishing for  bass and walleye. Available in a high-speed version with a 7.0-to-1 gear ratio, and a regular version with a 6.3-to-1 gear ratio, I love how smoothly and easy to operate it is. The retail price of $79.99 seems fair to me and I expect it to really catch on with anglers this spring.