Swamp People (Slideshow)

Touring gator-infested waters on a Starcraft

Published in the August 2013 Issue Published online: Aug 13, 2013 Boat Test Monday Brady L. Kay
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Just to clarify, on our gator tour we were only trying to look for alligators, not "choot `em" as Troy Landry from the History Channel show Swamp People often yells. The reality show focuses on the challenges of hunting gators and continues to grow in popularity, especially for those who haven't spent a lot of time in the swamp. However, most Louisiana natives don't seem all that bothered by the gators and for the most part just ignore them.

Walter and Dawn Lundin both grew up in Louisiana, so seeing an alligator isn't exactly newsworthy to them, yet they were still willing to help me locate as many as possible on this early summer day. I had contacted the couple a few months earlier and they promised me a true Louisiana-experience aboard their Starcraft pontoon and I was excited to get a personal swamp tour from two people who know the area best.

See how Brady faired in the gator infested waters in our September 2013 issue of Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine on page 16.

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