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December 2013 Feature Web Exclusive

Splashing a boat is a term that I like to throw around, which basically is just another way of saying that we've launched a pontoon or deck boat into the water. I'm not really sure where it's started, or if the term has really caught on yet. At a boat test if I ask if the boat has already been splashed and I get a puzzled look instead of an answer, that's usually my first indication that not everyone follows my lingo. But here is one splash that I feel everyone is going to enjoy.

 This wave of information that just hit your inbox is our way of launching our monthly PDB newsletter!  That's right, we're officially splashing our first edition to reach those who truly love and appreciate the unique lifestyle that only boating can offer. But not just any type of boating, we're of course focused on the best kind of boaters-pontoon and deck boat owners.


At this time we're putting the final touches on our annual January Buyer's Guide and this year this massive issue is packed with a lot of great information. It's worth getting excited for so be sure to keep an eye out for it.  Besides biographies and updates on the top builders, this issue also will include some great articles to get you excited about the upcoming year. We had to work a little overtime to stuff in all the information, so we hope you enjoy reading this issue.

As for the regular newsletter, we want to give you a little something extra each month. Even though a lot of us are forced into "boat hibernation" this time of year, boating doesn't need to just be about the warmer summer months. I find myself clicking through photo files this time of year just to keep from getting cabin fever. Just a quick glimpse of some kids having a great time can put a smile on my face and remind me those days will soon be here again.

So keep an eye out for our PDB newsletter that will be showing up in your inboxes about this same time each month. We'll mix it up a little each time with different topics or features as we do our part to keep boating going strong all year long.   


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