Harnessing the SouthWind

December 2013 Feature

Don't let the confusion of choosing between a deck boat and pontoon get in your way this boating season. With the SouthWind 229LC Hybrid deck, the best of both worlds merge to create a boating experience that is truly unforgettable. There has never been a better fusion of luxury and performance to hit the water.

SouthWind offers an amazing line-up of hybrid deck boats that cater to every boaters needs and offer the 229LC as the newest addition to the 2013 line-up. The innovative deep-v shaped deck boat hull ensures a smooth ride and planes the water in just over 5 seconds. Even dicey water conditions can easily be handled. With the spacious deck room of a pontoon, this cutting-edge boat deserves a closer look.

Luxury At Its Finest

Each of the seven different versions in SouthWind's hybrid line-up have lounge seating with state of the art anti-fungal/bacterial vinyl to provide a clean and relaxing stay onboard. With the 229LC, you get quite a bit more. On deck, find some rest and relaxation in the new captain's chair seating arrangement. With two 29" reclining captain's chairs and a removable table, dine under the sun or laze back with your fishing line in the water. The choice is yours and the 229LC makes it easy.

Too hot outside? SouthWind offers shade at the touch of a button. With a standard automatic Bimini top, raise the canvas without ever leaving your seat. No matter what need or accommodation you're looking for, there's a good chance you'll find it on the 229LC.


Like most boats, SouthWind's hybrid decks offer a unique setup that allows the boater to enjoy any activity possible on the water. With the incredible space and open room on the deck, up to 12 passengers can cast their line into the river, lake and even ocean for a great and relaxing day of fishing. The hybrid's unique fiberglass and stainless steel design was created to handle the abrasive and damaging nature of salt water. If you're worried about swells, wind and waves, the deep-v hull of the 229LC cuts through the water and provides more stability then found on many other boats of its size.

If fishing isn't your passion and you're looking for a peaceful day on the water, every one of SouthWind's decks offer lounge seating to kick back in. With the capability to reach speeds of 46mph, the hybrid has the ability to pull the thrill seeking water skier with ease.

Muscle Power

Looking for a little thrill behind the wheel of your boat? The 229LC offers the Yamaha F-200 outboard engine; giving the deck upwards of 200 horsepower. With the power of the Yamaha outboard backing it up, you can expect top speeds to meet 46 mph and make 0-30 mph in 7.2 seconds. That should be enough to get your blood pumping and put a smile on your face.

With that much power, boaters are given the choice of taking a break and drifting lazily in the swells, or barreling through the water and leaving some serious wake.

Abundantly Convenient

With almost 23 feet of room from bow to stern, an automatic Bimini top and tilt wheel steering, SouthWind made it their duty to suit every desire a boater could have with the 229LC. If you find yourself packing up for a weekend water getaway, stow your gear neatly in the storage areas located in the center of the deck, or at the bow.

Upkeep can be a breeze with the stainless steel and fiberglass construction and coupled with the stain and weather resistant marine grade vinyl, keeping the deck looking brand new is made quick and simple. Safety is always important and SouthWind made sure of that with the installation of a non-skid deck you'll keep a firm footing on your day of fun in the sun.

In Control

The 229LC's tilt wheel and v-shaped hull provide precise control and handling at any speed. Smooth throttling allows the boater positive speed control, giving boaters at any level of experience a comfortable ride. When traveling at higher speeds, many boats rise and fall over swells, making for a bumpy and sometimes unsettling ride. The hull's unique design keeps the 229LC gliding smoothly over the water even when throttling high.

SouthWind's greatest creative minds have imbued the 229LC with the best qualities of a deck and pontoon and then added even more innovative amenities--to include the saltwater capabilities--to suit the taste of any person in the market for the "perfect boat."

It's An Option

SouthWind made sure to go the extra mile when they built the 229LC. They took most of the optional amenities and made them a standard installation, which means that all of the great features the 229LC offers are already set in the standard pricing. You could, however, make the deal a little sweeter with some of the options SouthWind offers.

The tilt wheel steering is already ready for easy handling, but if you really feel like treating yourself well, you could always add hydraulic-powered steering to make steering as easy as a push of your finger. If you need a little tune to hum to while on the water, you can have a Jensen stereo system installed with a MP3 jack, USB port and Sirius Satellite radio included to make your entertainment possibilities endless.

If you're an avid angler, add in a fish finder and bench seat live-well then steer your 229LC to the hot spots.

Making plans to sleep under the stars? When you wake, you can always freshen up with SouthWind's optional sink, shower and Portapotti with privacy enclosure. Now you can rest easy without making unnecessary trips back to port. Just make sure you've packed enough food for everyone.

If you're looking for a little adventure and really want to entertain, pick up a 4 step telescoping bow ladder and ski tow bar. SouthWind's deck hybrids really do offer just about anything and easily fit and role a watercraft could have. It's no wonder SouthWind chose the slogan "there is a difference". With a boat this versatile and innovative, "difference" seems like an understatement.

Doing Your Homework

There are a lot of boats on the water to choose from. Sometimes making the right choice can be frustrating and the quest for the right options can be confusing, especially if you're new to the world of boating. SouthWind's hybrid deck series has taken a lot of the guesswork out of the buying process. If a deck or pontoon was what you were steering toward, take time to search through SouthWind's hybrid options and you may find yourself setting out to sea backed by the power, luxury and innovation of the 229LC hybrid deck boat.

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