What's New From Kwik Tek?

A full load of season-changing fun

Published online: Jan 20, 2014 Product Brady L. Kay
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For the 2014 season, Kwik Tek is releasing a wide-variety of products from Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) to its AQUA ZOOKA double barrel water gun with a 60-foot range. Plus a new batch of towables are here including the new four rider Airhead SWITCHBACK that provides a totally different sensation riding in front or back, so it's like two tubes in one, consequently the name SWITCHBACK! 

The Airhead TRANSFORMER 4 is four tubes in one It's a comfortable four rider round "sit in" towable, a two rider deck style towable, a three rider deck style towable and a great "over the transom" lounge!

You've ridden classic "banana" inflatables at beach resorts, having the time of your life; now it's time to actually own a commercial-grade Airhead BIG DOG 5 or BIG DOG 6!

The Sportsstuff MASTER BLASTER three rider towable is just as exciting as its awe inspiring shape! Hop on and you'll feel like you're rocketing to the moon! And finally the BRAINWASH is the first-ever Sportsstuff kit that includes everything you'll need for tubing including a 12-volt pump and a one rider tow rope with caddy. Visit its websites to learn more about all of the exciting releases for the new season.

Visit www.airhead.com or www.sportsstuff.com for more information. 

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