The Mighty 135 H.O.

February 2014 Feature

Evinrude wants its customers to spend more time on the water and less time performing maintenance on their outboards. We can attest to their goodness because we personally test some of the best each year. There is nothing like flying through the water with an E-TEC strapped to the back of the boat.

135 H.O.

New for last years was the 135 H.O. 

The Evinrude E-TEC 135 H.O. provides superior value and a real choice for power and performance in the 100-150hp segment. There are numerous reasons this engine will be a best-in-class of the 135 H.O. It has more low-end torque than your average 135hp because it has a two-stroke design that allows the 135 H.O. to have up to 36 percent more torque than competitive 150hp four-strokes.

A V6 cylinder engine with more displacement means more torque, more low-end power and more top-end speed. The 135 H.O. has 2.6 liters of displacement. It also comes in an ultra lightweight design at just 418 pounds. The 135 H.O. offers the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry and allows for better fuel efficiency, less draft, better handling and less stress on the boat structure.

"Ideal for pontoon boats especially, the 135 H.O. will fit most every type of boating activity in this horsepower segment," says Karl Sandstrom, product manager for BRP's Outboard Engine Division. "Specifically engineered to push the horsepower limits, the Evinrude E-TEC 135 H.O. is ideal for boaters who want maximum power and performance, and it easily excels against competitive 100-150hp outboard engines."


With more than twice the total output of its competitors, the 135 H.O. delivers enough power to run all of today's electronics with less chance of a dead battery. Another great feature is the multi-point oiling system where oil is injected at multiple points (crankcase and cylinder block), dramatically improving lubrication at slow speeds and increasing engine life.

The 135 H.O. has maximum power allowed, but still maintains a 3-Star CARB clean emission rating from the EPA and can deliver as much as three times better fuel economy at idle speeds than competitive four-stroke models. With a factory-backed, three-year, non-declining warranty and three years or 300 hours with no dealer-scheduled maintenance, the 135 H.O. is factory-tuned for high performance applications.

Full Range

The Evinrude lineup from 3.5 to 300hp offers customers superior value across a full range of applications. Engines are available at authorized Evinrude dealerships worldwide.

Besides the new 135 H.O., Evinrude has more options in its H.O. lineup. In fact, they are available from 15 to 250hp. The nice thing about the high output engines is that they require little maintenance (actually no maintenance for three years or 300 hours). Once you have passed the three-year mark, you will need to change the gear case lube and do a spring tune-up once every three years and really that's not much of a commitment, which helps explain its popularity among owners. Evinrude estimates that this will save you $1,850, which no one can complain about.

Another reason these outboards are so popular is because they use 195 fewer parts than an average four-stroke and less parts mean less opportunity for malfunction.

Added Power

The H.O.s are also known for a quicker throttle response and less fuel consumption. They have twice the power strokes of a four-stroke, plus the computer-controlled engine management system delivers the perfect fuel mix directly to the combustion chamber for hair-trigger response. Each outboard has an engine management system that makes more than 8 million calculations per second. What this means to the average consumer is that it uses the exact amount of fuel necessary at any given rpm. This means less waste and better fuel consumption.

Another bonus point is that it only requires 87 octane fuel, not premium like some other two- or four-strokes. The same concept applies to the oil. With lower oil consumption, you don't have to change it as much.

Evinrudes are great partners with pontoons because of the quiet idle. Basically no vibrations create the perfect setup for conversing with family and friends. A combination of advance cowling designs, sound-dampening materials, acoustically tuned exhaust and intake systems and superior combustion are the reasons these engines are remarkably quiet.

Evinrude intentionally uses large, robust gear designs to extend durability and give you peace of mind as you set for the open water. They engineered low-gear ratios combine with large-diameter propeller capabilities to help meet the high-thrust needs of `toon owners, so no matter how big your boat is, you can accelerate quickly and stop suddenly and safely.

One of our favorite features of an E-TEC is that you can fog and re-fog it anytime. It's an automatic feature that takes four minutes so you can say goodbye to winterization, which is typically a headache anyway. Plus you want to go fishing in December? Go! Your engine will be ready.

Since the motor is such a huge part of your investment, make sure you know what you are getting. The great people at Evinrude are committed to superior customer service and will be there if you ever have questions. They want you to be happy with your purchase and get the most out of your investment so they put the time and money into engineering their engines correctly the first time. Become part of the online Evinrude community at

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