Under Deck Pontoon Boat Ladder For Flat Front Decks

Published online: Feb 08, 2014 Product
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This cool ladder from Overton's is popular for its convenient, under-deck design. It will never get in your way while enjoying your day on the water. This 4-step ladder mounts under the deck of your pontoon and deploys easily, so your guests will be able to board safely away from the prop and motor. It's is made from high-quality aluminum that won't rust and is rated for 300lbs. Mounting hardware is included in the $249.99 prcie tag.

Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine has always been thrilled with Overton's products and superior customer service. We would highly reccommend them for all your aftermarket boating needs. Visit www.overtons.com to check out this ladder and anything else you might need. 

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