PDB Install: Pontoon Water Glide

A great do-it-yourself-project

Published online: Mar 03, 2014 Dan Armitage
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The Pontoon Water Glide acts as a hydrofoil to lift pontoon boats and offer better planing and handling, is constructed of composite material and filled with marine-grade polyurethane foam to give the boat an additional 684 pounds of flotation. At speed, the PWG actually reduces the amount of pontoon surface area in contact with the water to reduce drag while offering  a center pivot point to allow for higher speeds, tighter turning and improved performance overall. 

Editor Brady Kay reviewed the PWG a decade ago this month (March 2004 issue), shortly after they were introduced. After referencing that article and subsequent ones where some owners realized speeds of 10 percent and higher, studying the reviews on the website and conferring with the PWG representative, Doug decided to add one to his Bennington—and to allow me to document (and assist with) the DIY installation.  

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