What Lies Beneath: Part 1 (Slideshow)

March 2014

When you spend a lot of time on the water, you start to notice some of the things that the new guys never see. To the untrained eye, pontoon boats look only superficially different. Sure, they're rectangular in shape, utilize pontoon logs for flotation, house an outboard engine at the aft and are often misidentified as slow floating party barges. To the salty pontoon captains among the lot, you know that there's more diversity in ’toons than contours in the human fingerprint. Taking a closer look at a pontoon boat reveals a complex world of engineering genius, years of refining and redefining what a pontoon is capable of. To understand the diversity in the world on pontooning, all you have to do is pull back the top layer and find what lies beneath.

What Lies Beneath is a three part series discussing the components that go into building a pontoon from the ‘toon up. Part I is featured in March 2014. Don’t miss another issue! Subscribe today!

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