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HydroHoist Marine Group, the leader in the boat lift industry, has launched the latest in technology and expanded its line of control options. 

“We are excited to offer user-friendly and technologically advanced control options to our customers,” said HydroHoist marine Group President & CEO, Mick Webber.

“All have proven performance and durability, which is what our customers have come to expect from HydroHoist.”

 HydroLaunch is the latest in the HydroHoist control system series and includes push button operation with manual and automatic controls.  It is capable of operating most brands of hydropneumatic style boat lifts, which are intended to be controlled with one air valve.  The HydroLaunch™ includes leak detection, auto correction and comes with a 500 foot range remote control.  It also features an optional capability of turning dock lights on and off within the same 500 feet range. 

"Another outstanding feature on the HydroLaunch transmitter is it is waterproof; it is hermetically sealed and floats, so dropping it into water will not be detrimental to its life," explained Webber.

The Push Button control package uses automatic valves, eliminating the need for handles and levers. One button to lift, one to lower and one to stop makes using the lift effortless and eliminates operator error.  Two, three and four valves can be incorporated into the multi-valve control unit.  This unit can be ordered as an option, using each valve for additional boats or PWC lift.

The Standard control package offers a smaller footprint for increased room and better access on the dock. 

“Its patented design offers less noise and the fastest launch time in the industry while increasing the life of the boat lift motor,” Webber said.

The standard control package operates with the flip of a switch and a turn of the handle.

HydroHoist Marine Group was founded in 1964 in Claremore, Oklahoma and is celebrating 50 years in the boat lift industry.  To learn more about HydroHoist products visit,

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