Fun Chaser Fiberglass ‘Toons

June 2014 Industry

The Carolina Skiff Fun Chaser is not like any other pontoon boat you’ve seen before. Why is that, you may wonder? It comes with all of the standard features including stainless steel hardware, rails, hinges, latches, etc. Basically everything that a standard pontoon boat has. So what makes it different? The answer is the fiberglass hulls. The Fun Chaser 2100 FPG Cruiser uses fiberglass hulls instead of the traditional aluminum pontoons that most pontoon boats have and Carolina Skiff says they will be the change that will make this boat stand out from the rest.

Why Fiberglass?

With aluminum and steel pontoon hulls, there is the potential of future repairs, which takes time and money away that could be used for pontoon fun. Fiberglass does not rot, and therefore eliminates most if not all of the need to watch for corrosion every time you get in and out of the water. Fiberglass offers many other advantages as well, including a smooth ride on the water’s surface because of its strake design. It also handles better in the wind because it is a little heavier than some aluminum pontoons, and that also means a better ride over choppy waters. Plus, it is better for seawater activities because aluminum can have issues in seawater.

Fun For All

President and CEO of Carolina Skiff, Joe Kirkland, says that this boat is “Family, fun, and fishing all in one—that’s the concept behind Fun Chaser.”

He wasn’t kidding when he said there are many reasons people buy a pontoon boat, and this boat can accommodate all of them because the idea is that the whole family can enjoy it.


For all you fishing fanatics out there, the Fun Chaser comes in a fishing model, which can be configured with a trolling system. If you are not into trolling and would prefer to fish while anchored or bobbing on the water, you can simply fish off the side. Once you are done for the day, you can fry up those bad boys on the Fun Chaser’s stainless steel propane gas grill that comes with a built-in storage compartment in the floor. Plus you can enjoy your catch on the table, complete with cup holders, that is hidden in the rear storage. If you prefer to keep your fish until you get home, there is a removable 70-quart cooler that comes as a standard feature.


If you are more into the rigorous activities such as skiing, wakeboarding, or tubing, the Fun Chaser has a stainless steel ski/tow bar that you can tie your rope to and have at it. You will enjoy the ride as the 175 horsepower boat pulls you along. When you are done, there are ski and universal storage spaces located within the couch seating. The boat also has a self-draining non-skid deck so when your friends and family climb back onboard, there will be less slipping and sliding.

If you want to throw a party on your boat, the capacity is 14 people so you can invite quite a few people. When the party goes on into the night, you can turn on the LED lighting located throughout the boat, so everyone can see better . You can also jam to your music with their marine-grade AM/FM stereo. The speakers give high output, and they are also marine-grade. If you aren’t interested in the radio, there are no worries there. The radio also comes with a USB and auxiliary input so you can plug in your mp3 player. It’s also Bluetooth compatible.  

How Does It Handle?

The Fun Chaser has Teleflex steering, so it handles very well on the water. It’s easy to steer all 175hp, and it will take you most places you want to go with good responses. If you’re looking for additional steering options, you can upgrade to a boat with hydraulic steering and a tilt wheel.


You have a few color choices for the graphics including red, royal blue, cabernet, taupe, and yellow. For the hull you can get red, royal blue, black, cabernet and yellow. These mild colors give this boat a look of sophistication and class. If you are willing to make some changes to the standard features, the options that Carolina Skiff offer for the Fun Chaser are a front bimini for shade,  freshwater shower that has a tank that can hold 13 gallons, or a rear sun deck. So with all the amazing things that come standard on this boat, you can also get all these amazing options for a little extra money.

Overall, this is a boat with a promise of being great. This is definitely a boat to get if you are the type of person who likes to entertain family and friends. With an MSRP starting at $28,000, you can’t go wrong.

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