July 2014 Industry Web Exclusive

When you’re buying a boat, a dealership will give you a test drive on the water. But what if you want to test out multiple boats? Transporting a great number of boats to the nearest lake can be a lot to ask and smaller dealerships may not have the inventory in stock to accommodate this request.  

But what about boat shows? They are a great place to see all of your options in person. But does it really help to see them all if you are standing in the middle of an event center with no water in sight? Probably not. Yes, you can compare seats and other cosmetic features but you’ll never figure out how a boat performs on the water at a boat show.

All of these things make buying a boat stressful. How do you really know if you are getting what you want?

PDB magazine has a solution.

PDB Days. In one location, multiple manufactures will have their brand new models ON THE WATER for you to see, compare and demo. PDB Days will be a two-day event that kicks off on Friday morning on September 19th at Chateau on the Lake in Branson, Mo., on beautiful Table Rock Lake.

We are so excited to let you all know PDB Days updates. So far, G3, Manitou, Playcraft and Premier are all bringing brand-new 2015 models for people to demo. When all is said and done, we are expecting 15 manufacturers to have brand-new boats on the water for you to test. 

Island Boats is bringing one of their retractable and expandable pontoons. Hydrohoist, Pontoon Wholesalers and Bearcat Corp., are all setting up their products as well.  

Other events planned for the PDB Days celebration include the annual McKainer Barrel Race Friday afternoon where you’ll be able to get a front row seat to watch as manufacturers’ race their performance pontoon models through an obstacle course in four different engine categories as they compete for top honors. You won’t believe how fast some of these pontoons can take a corner! We’ve been selfishly keeping this pontoon race to ourselves all these years, but we want to share the excitement with other enthusiasts this year who can appreciate a well-performing pontoon model.

Following the race, a sunset tie-up/evening cruise is planned for everyone and it will be held on the lake so be sure to trailer your own, rent or make friends with someone who has a boat, so you won’t miss out on the fun.

Round out the evening by hanging out at the Chateau listening to country singer Billy Brown at the pool while enjoying a cocktail from the Chateau bar. Friday will be a casual, yet entertaining, evening for pontoon-loving people to spend time relaxing together. Have fun as you mingle with industry members, PDB staff members, forum members, friends and family. We are certainly excited to meet all of you.

How would you like to win a brand-new pontoon boat package? We want you to win so we’re going to make it happen. That’s right; we are sending one lucky person home with a complete pontoon package that includes a pontoon boat, motor and a trailer. When you purchase your All Access Pass online, you will automatically be eligible to receive a boat key when you check in at the show. If you are staying at the Chateau on the Lake, you will get an additional key with your room reservation. Only one key will start the boat. Hopefully, it will be yours.

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