Montana Sucks

August 2014 Feature

Montana sucks. As the popular website puts it, “The locals are crazy, in-breeding militia types who think that tourists are fair game and hunting season lasts all year.  Montana ranks last in education, unemployment, poverty level and every year hundreds of tourists and Girl Scouts are reported missing.”

Now you know.

There are three more reasons why Montana sucks: Clean air. Open sky. Beautiful boating.

Okay, I lied. Montana doesn’t suck but I feel compelled to say so because obviously by the above-mentioned website run by Montana natives, the locals won’t be happy if you all move there in droves.

On second thought, maybe you should. Montana is called Big Sky Country for good reason. The sky rolls on for miles in all directions and the only interruptions are the pristine white peaks of the Rocky Mountains. The majesty of big sky country is a sight you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. If you’ve never seen it, you should make plans to do it one day soon.

Now let’s take it one step further.

You can experience all of this while on a pontoon on one of the most gorgeous lakes in America. Flathead Lake in Northwestern Montana.  

Flathead Lake is the largest natural lake in western U.S. With a 160 mile shoreline and water that covers nearly two-hundred square miles of beautiful Montana, you’ll have plenty of exploring to do. Plus with a depth of 300 feet, you’d better restring your fishing reel with some extra line.

When it comes to boat dealers in Montana, we have the perfect one for you. Captain’s Marine in Kalispell, Mont., carries a full line-up of Premier and soon-to-be-released Cobalt pontoons. The dealership also carries Mastercraft and Lund boats.

Captain’s Maine is owned by Randell Seyfert or The Captain as he’s fondly known. Seyfert grew up in the Flathead Valley working in the marine business with his father, who also owned a dealership. He began this dealership in 2003 with the intent of bringing the best-made boats to the Montana market. He started by asking a friend for a pontoon manufacturer recommendations and immediately heard Premier.

“It turned out my colleague was a cousin of the family who owns Premier,” laughs Seybert. “But I’m glad I listened anyway. I’m extremely confident in the product they put out.”

This ten year partnership between Premier and Captain’s Marine has helped bring pontoons to the residents of Montana.

“When I first started selling pontoons, no one else in the areas was offering the performance package,” says Seyfert. “In fact, everyone jumped on board when I started selling performance tube.”

The PTX Performance package from Premier adds superior performance and handling. It allows for your pontoon to ride on top of the water instead of plowing through it.

“I tell my customers from my own experience that it can get really rough on Flathead,” says Seyfert. “The beautiful thing about Premier is that you will still have a smooth ride and leave everyone else in the dust.”

Captain’s Marine strives to educate their customers on the modern-day advantages of owning a pontoon.

“A pontoon, especially with a third tube, is not your grandfather’s boat anymore,” says Seyfert. “I recently sold a young couple a pontoon. It was their first boat and they realized how it was the perfect boat for them especially for entertaining.”

Next time you’re in Montana, check out the only Marine Five Star Certified Dealer in the entire state. Captain’s Marine. 

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