New Underwater Viewing System

Published online: Aug 14, 2014 Product
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Wish you had a fish-eye view to see what big catches lurk in underwater nooks and shadowy crannies? The Aqua-Vu can help you with that. They just re-invented the underwater viewing system with the new Micro 5c, a self-contained underwater video viewer with a spacious 5-inch LCD, compact, covert optics plus a minimalist price tag.

The Micro 5c is an underwater viewing system that includes a 5-inch vivid color LCD and a high resolution Micro camera with 50-feet of rugged optical cable. The cam is also equipped with Aqua-Vu’s Auto-Light Sensing IR illumination system, for maximum visibility in dark or dirty water. Driving this real-time fish finder is a diminutive Li-Ion battery.

 Drop the Micro Cam into those tight spaces under boat docks, where big bass, crappies and sunfish hover and hide. Discover their depth and position, then deploy your lure and set the hook. See for yourself in real-life and real-time, exactly what is living there. (866-755-6303/

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