Pacific Blue Marlin: Tag and Release Tournament

Published online: Aug 05, 2014 News
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One of the best reasons to own a pontoon is for the fishing. Boats and fishing go together like peanut butter and jelly. These days, you can even find pontoons that are salt-water ready which opens a whole word of fishing options. If you are into fishing, you might be interested in watching it on TV.

If that's the case, we have a show for you. Corday Productions, Inc., in association with Farish Media, presents the Pacific Blue Marlin: Tag and Release Tournament (T.A.R.T.), a one hour television special to be broadcast on more than 200 stations across the U.S. during July and August of this year. 

In its 23rd year of friendly competition, T.A.R.T. has been a passion project for Executive Producer Ken Corday. The tournament promotes conservation of the marlin species through the tag and release format while educating viewers about marlin biology, science, and habits. The syndicated television special is in more than 200 markets. 

T.A.R.T. is a fishing fantasy that takes viewers on a week long voyage down the breathtaking coastline of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.  Ken Corday joins four long-time buddies on a family friendly adventure in the Hawaiian waters of the Pacific Ocean. The show is hosted and narrated by Rick Fitts and stars competing anglers Donald Brandt - "Sid Ficious," Dan Doherr - "King Cobra," Brent Nelson - "Lucky Seaman" Rick Fitts and Corday - "K.C. Longnose.”

The tournament format features five boats, five captains and five anglers competing over a five day span—boat-to-boat, captain versus captain and angler versus angler. Contestants earn points from catching, tagging and releasing the majestic, beautiful, elusive and powerful Blue Marlin. The objective is to earn the most points calculated by tagging and releasing the great fish without doing any harm.

The special highlights captivating HD footage of the Hawaiian Islands, the competition and of course the banter on the boats between the sometimes over-tired and cranky boat captains.  All in good fun, while viewers ride along from green island cliffs to pure blue shorelines and clear, deepwater Pacific fishing action.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in viewing, check your local listings. Happy fishing to all of you at home!

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