Learn During National Safe Boating Week

May 2007 News

Boating can be a truly safe and enjoyable activity for everyone in the family, and in a wide range of activities from fishing to cruising to water sports.  The more you know, the greater your confidence will be while on the water.  Boating courses and seminars are a good start.  U.S. Power Squadrons is making it easy by beginning its pre-summer campaign during National Safe Boating Week (May 19 - 25).


During this special week, look for a host of short seminars and demonstrations put on by USPS squadrons across the country.  They invite you to come sample what USPS does and while there sign up to have the family take a boating course in June.  Whether a refresher, a first timer, or just getting all of the family up to speed, you will be rewarded by a renewed confidence and excitement to get on the water.  You'll also meet a fine bunch of fellow boaters whom you would like to hang around with, and a seasoned group of Power Squadron folks who can provide you with the answers you seek.


You will learn how to handle your boat, and what gear you need aboard.  You'll also discover that today's comfortable life jackets will help assure your safe return to the boat

should you unexpectedly fall in.  The statistics overwhelmingly demonstrate the effectiveness of a life jacket, much like wearing a seat belt in a car.  You need the right one, and USPS will show you this and many other essential tips.


During the 2007 National Safe Boating Week, the 50,000 members and 450 local squadrons will be out in force to help you and welcome new members.  In addition to informational programs and demos, USPS will be offering free Coast Guard vessel safety checks. These programs offered across the country are part of their new USPS University program.


The USPS University encompasses a host of new and updated Power Squadron courses, a growing list of short, topical seminars, and a new, comprehensive Boat Operator Certification program.  This certification program has been compared to a Coast Guard license for non-professional recreational boaters.  It's also comparable to the International Certificate of Competency (ICC) now being issued and required across much of Europe.


USPS Chief Commander Ernie Marshburn summarized it this way: "We recently signed as a participating partner in the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety Strategic Plan.  As part of our mission, we are dedicated to making boating the safest and most enjoyable recreational activity available, anywhere.  Our USPS University and National Safe Boating Week initiative are key parts of our contributions to the boating community." 


Unfortunately, fewer than one out of every ten recreational boaters have ever completed a safe boating course.  USPS is out to change that and make the learning as much of an enjoyable experience as the boating that follows.  You can learn more about USPS at www.USPS.org, or by calling 1-888-FOR-USPS and locate a squadron near you.  You can learn more about National Safe Boating Week from the National Safe Boating Council Web Site: www.SafeBoatingCampaign.com.

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