Product Test No. 29: Blackfin Sunglasses

Published in the June 2008 Issue June 2008

There is a new sunglass frame that was recently introduced called the Blackfin from Costa Del Mar. To be honest, it was the description that caught my attention more than the name, although I do think Blackfin sounds like a great name for boating sunglasses.

I was told that with the co-injected Hydrolite lining, the sunglasses will stay in place on your face, no matter how damp the conditions. The rubberized composite compound lining is naturally adhesive and is very lightweight. When I heard the "no slip, comfort grip" I knew I needed to try them out for myself. After all, I've been in Florida when the humidity is nearly unlivable and in those conditions sunglasses just don't want to stay on. Plus having sunglasses slide off my face on hot days is nothing new. The bottom of Lake Powell in Utah as well as the bottom of Lake Norman in North Carolina are the final resting spots for two of my sunglasses.

When I tried the Blackfin on for the first time, they were a near-perfect fit for my face. I did all kinds of crazy tests to try and get those sunglasses to slip off, but to my satisfaction they stayed on just fine no matter how much water I applied.

Available in several colors, I love the full array of Costa Del Mar's 100 percent polarized CR-39 and glass lens technology, including COSTA 400 and the patented 580 mirror and non-mirror options. (Yeah, I'm not really sure what all that means, but they sure protect my eyes.)

These stylish sunglasses are going to be a hit with boaters as well as with anyone else who likes having their sunglasses stay put. Starting retail price for the Blackfin sunglasses is around $139, which may seem a little steep if you purchased your last pair while buying gas. You pay for advances in technology and if Costa Del Mar has come up with a way to keep my glasses off the bottom of lakes, I think it's worth the investment.

The new Blackfin sunglasses join other co-injected perennial best sellers from Costa Del Mar, including Permit, Fathom, Brine, Stringer and the new `birds of prey' line featuring Man-o'-War.

This is a great pair of sunglasses designed with boating in mind and if you're interested in protecting your eyes, while looking good doing it, Costa Del Mar can help as well as help keep them from sliding off your face.

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