Amazing GOOP Marine

Published in the April 2009 Issue April 2009

Pontoon boats are pretty durable, but no matter how well you make something or even take care of something, it'll eventually needs maintaining. It'll eventually come apart, which is why you need a good, strong glue to make it last even longer. However, you don't want a glue that'll be a big hassle to apply, make a huge mess to clean up and come apart with the slightest bump.

If you've ever used Shoe Goo, you know how well it seals the souls of your shoes. From Eclectic Products, Inc., the makers of Amazing GOOP and Shoe Goo, is Amazing GOOP Marine glue.

Amazing GOOP Marine is a strong, single component adhesive that bonds to metal, canvas, wood, vinyl and rope, as long as you follow the directions. You can use this sturdy glue to repair vinyl seats, canopies and canvas covers, or seal around windshields, portholes, diving masks and hoses. If your lead mooring line is frayed, you need to secure a hose to a dock line or cover a battery terminal to prevent sparking, Amazing GOOP Marine is all you'll need to keep stored away in the pontoon glove compartment. UV-resistant, it seals with a tight, flexible waterproof hold that will stand up to harsh weather. For even more UV resistance, you can paint over it.

We used some Amazing GOOP Marine to repair a well-worn vinyl seat. We applied the glue onto some extra vinyl material and waited for about 15 minutes for the glue to partially cure. Once the glue showed signs of beginning to cure, we applied the material to the seat. We tested it out a few days later-after the glue had time to completely seal. After an hour and a half of a bumpy ride, sitting on that seat while cruising and taking some sharp turns, the vinyl material was as solid as if it had been applied professionally. It wasn't going anywhere.

Eclectic products, including Amazing GOOP Marine, can be found in more than 35,000 stores throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Asia, as well as countless retail outlets and links for purchasing online. Available at for $4.99.

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