Plenty of lessons to be learned on a boat in the middle of Weiss Lake

April 2011 News
My friend had a birthday last week, and she had some family over to their lake house to celebrate. She invited my fiancé and I to come as well.

It was an unusually warm day, and everyone's spirits were high due to the wonderful weather. After eating dinner, opening presents and eating Key-Lime cake, Kelsey, the birthday girl suggested that we all go out for a nighttime pontoon boat ride.

Sure, it sounded like a good idea at the time, but isn't that how it always goes?

We all got on the pontoon boat and settled in, wrapped in towels. Being in the water doesn't freak me out, so I didn't feel like putting on a life jacket. I took a seat toward the front of the boat as Billy pushed us out from the dock and hopped inside. Daisy, the yellow Lab, made herself at home near my feet. We began gently floating along when Herman (the "Captain") suddenly said,

"Where's the key?"

An awkward silence filled the boat as the dock became more distant.

Everyone just kind of looked at each other, and then to Billy. Seeing as he was the last person to drive the boat, he knew where the key was.

There was only one way to get it. So, after some hesitation, Billy jumped in Weiss Lake and swam back to shore. The awkward silence quickly became hysterical laughter because it was just one of those "you had to be there" moments.

He had put the key inside the house, so as he went to get it, we just floated along to another dock.

Billy returned with the key and was greeted by applause. The boat started up smoothly, and we proceeded to glide along Weiss Lake. Some cold water would occasionally splash up in the boat, but then water began seeping in the boat through the front of the boat.

"Everybody get to the back! We're sinking!"

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