Boats 4 Causes

Published in the October 2011 Issue October 2011 News

The Boats 4 Causes program accepts used boat donations and allows donors to designate a charity of their choice to receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the boat. Operating as an informal division of Cars 4 Causes since 1997, the boat program has seen a rise in boat donations over the last year and a half and a tremendous increase in demand for donated boat sales. Boat donations since 2009 have risen 62 percent and the average price received per vessel has jumped 20 percent. Overall, funds raised from boat donations have increased 100 percent during this period. This increase, along with a difference in demographics between the vehicle and boat donor's bases, prompted Cars 4 Causes to give the Boats 4 Causes brand its own platform to appeal to this expanding donor and buyer base.

Established by America's first vehicle donation charity, Cars 4 Causes, the Boats 4 Causes donation program is simple and straightforward. Donors start the donation process by filling out a donation form located on the new website or by calling one of Boats 4 Causes' donation specialists at 855-800-2628(BOAT). Boats 4 Causes will first determine a vessel's suitability for donation. Next, they will work with the donor to evaluate the vessel's condition and determine how to best position the boat to maximize the sale price and net proceeds. Finally, each donated boat will be sold and its donor will receive the appropriate documentation and forms necessary to claim their tax donation.

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