Mow, mow, mow your boat

October 2011 News
 A special mowing crew took its job to the waters of Westminster's Brittain Lake this month as the start of summer means lake mowing season. Each season this strange looking weed whacker moves across the lake cutting pond weed in the nearly 20 acres on the southeast side of campus.

The two man crew in charge of weed control spend days removing huge piles of weeds as one runs the special weed mowing aquatic vehicle while the other runs a dump truck back and forth to the composting station on campus.

"A pontoon boat with a cutter on it goes long and cuts the weeds," Westminster Physical Plant Director Owen Wagner said. "We then transport it over to the biology field station and use it for composting. It's part of the ecological approach we've taken to managing Brittain Lake."

The vegetation pulled from the lake is sent to the compost pile at the Field Station.  Fish and other animals scooped up in the process are returned to the water.  Bass and blugills are abundant, in addition to bullheads.  The lake is also home to some large koi and grass carp which were introduced in an attempt to control nuisance algae and vegetation.
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