Product Test No. 103: Ripstop Angler Shirt

Published in the October 2011 Issue October 2011 PDB Tested

Wrangler Ripstop Angler ShirtFirst of all, if you name your clothing line Wrangler Ripstop Angler Shirt"rugged wear," it better be tough enough to withstand the use and abuse that most outdoorsman tend to dish out. But because it is made from a respectable company like Wrangler, I went into this test with zero doubts about the durability of this shirt.

The Wrangler brand has long been known for great fits and long-lasting comfort, and each brand in the Wrangler family offers unique qualities and styling attributes designed for the multifaceted needs of its consumers. These defining characteristics are vital for those looking for the specific product that best suits their needs and that's why I really like the Wrangler Ripstop Angler Shirtlook and feel of this shirt. Wrangler Rugged Wear is not just designed for activities like fishing and boating; what's wrong with looking stylish while grilling burgers?

I started by going online at and was amazed by the selection. I really couldn't go wrong when selecting a shirt and I ended up with the RWL 18KH in Khaki. I'll spare you all the fancy lingo. Simply put, this shirt creates great comfort with the freedom to move around, it's made from tear-resistance and breathable material and my favorite part is that it's wrinkle resistant. Plus, I like this Ripstop fabric a lot. The cross weave effectively stops punctures in their tracks and it won't allow rips and tears. That's a pretty good feature if you're prone (like I am) to getting a fish hook in your shirt from time to time.

The Ripstop Angler Shirt retails at about $25 and I feel you get a lot for your money. It's stylish, comfortable and easy to take care of. What could be better? Oh yeah, catching a fish while wearing it.

-Brady L. Kay, PDB Editor

Gear: 90
Style: 18/20
Function: 46/50
Comfort: 8/10
Wash/Care: 10/10
Price: 8/10

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