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Published in the October 2011 Issue October 2011 Feature

Have you ever found yourself aimlessly searching stores and internet sites for a gift for a loved one? Does that loved one love boating? Maybe they own a pontoon or deck boat, or maybe they just have family that make water excursions possible. Whatever the situation, we at PDB have compiled a list of 16 great products any boater will be sure to appreciate. In addition, we've added our take on what makes this item so great, and worthy of showing your love for a friend or family member.

Without further ado, here is our official 2011 Wish List.

West Marine Keyfloat

This key float will keep your keys from being lost to the murky depths.

PDB's Take: We're shocked at how many boaters we see casually tossing keys (sans key float) from the dock into a boat and vice versa. It's smarter just to avoid this type of behavior altogether, but everyone has lapses of judgment. Similar to the Dry Pak, it's better to take the precaution and be glad you did.
MSRP: $3.69

Rapala Touch Screen 50-Pound Digital Scale

Dad will be the envy of the group with the first-of-its kind Touch Screen 50-Pound Digital Scale. This water-resistant scale features an LCD touch screen that stores and displays weights of up to eight fish. But that's not all; it continuously displays an angler's total bag weight and the current air temperature. Additional features include 400 hours of battery life with two AA batteries and back-up memory.

PDB's Take: Why wait to get back to shore to weigh your latest catch? Save Grandpa some travel time and get him this scale (with air temperature sensor!).
MSRP: $54.99

Crankin' Rap and Clackin' Minnow lures from Rapala

Bass anglers are in for the fish fight of a lifetime when they hook on the new Crankin' Rap from Rapala. Similar to the tried-and-true Storm Wiggle Wart, the Crankin' Rap features a round body and thin tail that provide an enticing wobbling action that bass and other species can't resist. Available in five sizes, this lure is designed to target specific depth zones throughout the water column, covering from two-to-14 feet. Choose from 12 must-have color patterns.

If catching a lunker is on dad's weekend to-do list, then he'll surely enjoy the new Clackin' Minnow from Rapala. Awarded the prestigious Field & Stream Best of the Best Award in the lure category for 2011, the Clackin' Minnow features a single stainless steel ball that transmits a loud cadence rattle that fish not only hear, but feel, as it produces vibrations through the water. Shaped just like a minnow, the Clackin' Minnow is designed for long casting and, on the retrieve, emits a hard-flashing action that will have dad reeling in fish after fish.

PDB's Take: For the fisherman in your life, these lures will express your support for his plan to land the big one. What more can an angler ask for?
MSRP: $5.99 (Rap) and $13.99 (Minnow)

West Marine High-Back Go-Anywhere Seat 2

Wider, longer and more comfortable than ever before, the latest version of the High-Back companion to the Go-Anywhere Seat offers easy-chair luxury onboard or at the dock. The adjustable head rest pillow offers head and neck support and can easily adjust to suit a wide range of heights and preferences. Creature comforts include a drink holder and built-in arm pads. Nonskid bottom pad keeps you from sliding-even on wet and sloping gelcoat surfaces. Solution dyed polyester fabric ensures longer life, colorfastness and UV stability. Water-repellent and breathable with encapsulated inner foam that does not absorb water. Navy Blue.

PDB's Take: We know that the seating in a `toon can be as padded and well-designed as possible, but the lack of height on the back can cause issues for those with back pain. This seat can help alleviate that and allow cousin Jim to more fully enjoy his days on the water.
MSRP: $134.99

West Marine Portable Cabin Heater

This ultra-quiet heater is perfect for boats, homes and offices. Versatility and simplicity with three heat settings-1500W, 900W and "energy saver" 600W, which draws just 5A. Adjustable thermostat control keeps you comfortable. Antifreeze setting automatically turns on when temperature drops to 38 degrees. Overheat protector will not clog with dust or dirt and the warranty is three years.

PDB's Take: This is great for extending the boating season, and as any boater will tell you, just a few more weeks out on the water is the difference between madness when winter comes and being able to endure until spring.
MSRP: $79.99

DXG 720P High-Definition Sportster Waterproof Digital Video Camera

This ultra-compact, rugged and portable camcorder records 720p high-definition video in H.264 MOV file format enabling you to film what goes on underwater while you snorkel the Great Barrier Reef or take crisp and vivid pictures of your kid as he learns how to swim in your nearby lake. Either way, the DXG-5B8V is certified IPX8 Grade-it is completely waterproof up to 15 feet deep and can be submerged up to one hour.

PDB's Take: While most people can record video from their smartphones these days, we don't recommend taking it underwater. With this waterproof HD camera you can record what's going on in and around the water with confidence. Available at Boater`s World.
MSRP: $97.94

Sportsstuff Gloves Watersports

Towable Gloves. Features: One size fits most

PDB's Take: For the extreme tuber in your circle of friends. Help her add another 37 seconds to the world record at staying up while Dave is at the wheel. Available at Boater`s World.
MSRP: $16.94

Red Rapala Left Chest, Lunkerier T-Shirt, and Hoodie

This heavy weight 12 ounce quarter-zip sweatshirt is made of 80 percent cotton and 20 percent polyester. It features a cadet collar, low-shrink fleece, full athletic cut, side gussets, drawstring hood with metal grommets, pouch pocket; 3 3/4-inch wide ribbed knit cuffs and waistband.

The 12-ounce pullover hooded sweatshirt also has an 80/20 ratio of cotton to polyester. It features a split laced placket, low-shrink fleece, full athletic cut, pouch pocket; 3 3/4-inch wide ribbed knit cuffs and waistband. Nylon shoe lace in hood is a great added feature with a variety of color options available.

PDB's Take: Practical clothing that expresses a love of fishing is sure to be a hit.
T-Shirt: $12.99
Hoodie & Sweatshirt: $39.99 each


West Marine Waterproof Dry Paks for Electronics

These Dry Paks are designed to make sure your smartphone, camera or other electronic device isn't damaged by spraying water. Whether it's the splash from your buddy cannon-balling off the side of your `toon, or the deck boat driver taking a turn too sharply, this Pak protects your favorite electronics. The Dry Pak for Cell Phone is 4 inches wide by 8 inches long, 7 1/4-inch max. circumference.

PDB's Take: Better safe than sorry. The first time it saves Aunt Judy's iPhone from a watery demise, she'll thank you.
MSRP: $19.99


Sony CDX-M10 Stero/Speaker Package

Add music to your on-water adventures all year long with this versatile stereo/speaker combo. The CDX-M10 head unit paired with 6.5-inch waterproof polypropylene speakers that handle up to 140W (40W RMS) of power-and the 52W times four high power internal amplifier will take them to the limit for a pulse-pounding audio feast!

PDB's Take: Many `toons and deck boats come with stock sound systems, which can be fine until you realize you want to be able to rock out to Van Halen. Help out a friend with this new and improved stereo. Available at Boater`s World.
MSRP: $179.99

West Marine Quick Guides

Find essential information you need fast with these convenient on-the-spot Quick Guides. Quick access, laminated guides offer boaters a speedy, easy-to-read onboard reference to subjects ranging from VHF and GPS operation to rules of the road and knot tying. Short concise tutorials reduce time spent searching through exhaustive manuals and 14 color panels offer an easy format for instant answers to your questions at sea. Folds to just 4 by 9 inches. Hinged laminated construction for waterproofness and durability.

PDB's Take: Every boater knows he still has things to learn, and having a handy reference chart on board to help in almost every situation is invaluable.
MSRP: $8.95

Aqualuma Six-Series LED Underwater Lights

The Tri Series range combines the brilliance of the Three Series with the body of the Six Series and offers customers the choice of two colors in one housing. There are three light combinations to choose from: Ultra Blue and Brilliant White, Ultra Blue and Ultra Green or Ultra Green and Brilliant White. Choose to operate just one of Aqualuma's famous light colors, or run them together to get a mix of two, at an intensity that is equal to the Six Series.

Manufactured in the incredibly robust one-piece, corrosion-proof and injection-molded polymer housing, the Tri Series gives amazing results with just the flick of a switch. As part of the thru-hull range, the Tri Series features Aqualuma's three-year warranty and is fully serviceable and upgradeable without the need for haul out.

PDB's Take: These lights can class up a romantic night on the lake for anyone. Available at Boater`s World.
MSRP: $1,166.94

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