Product Test: iBall

Published in the June 2013 Issue June 2013 Brady L. Kay

It would impossible not to give the iBall wireless hitch camera a perfect score for installation. Adding a 9-volt battery to the camera takes longer then actually setting it up. The camera is wireless with a strong magnetic mount so you simply place it on your hitch then plug the monitor into your 12-volt receiver inside your truck and you’re ready to go. No need to get the wife involved; you can now hook up your trailer by yourself.  Listed on its website for $139.95, this is a lot cheaper and easier than buying a permanent backup camera system. No wires, no mess, no problems.

I love the color monitor that allows you to rotate the image depending on where you mount the camera. Plus with the adjustable gooseneck you can place your monitor where you want it. And to my surprise, the camera unit is waterproof and fully submersible. This means you can mount it on the back of your boat trailer when launching so you can make sure you’re lined up. (The wireless system has a 100-foot range, amazing!)

It seems like every product can be improved in one way or another, but I’m really not sure how you could make this iBall hitch camera any better. It easily stores in your glovebox when not in use and really does make hooking up your trailer simple and on the first try, every time.

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