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Published in the July 2013 Issue July 2013
Malcolm Sohm, a.k.a. Funtooner, has been around our forum for several years. Never one to shy away from controversy, you can count on him to throw up a different opinion.

1. What kind of boat do you currently own? We own a 2010 Sylvan 8525 with a 150hp E-TEC motor.

2. What is your favorite thing about it? It has room for everything. From a group of people to plenty of room for coolers, a grill, port- o-potty, water skis, tubes, etc…

3. What is the must-have boating accessory? In my opinion for pontoon boats, it would be the T.A.P. Fin System. As pontoons have become more ‘performance’ driven, they have lacked in their handling and maneuvering abilities. The T.A.P. Fins offer increased stability and lift as well has exceptional handling and maneuverability. They improve the overall ride of the boat and will increase speed and fuel efficiency.

4. How long have you been boating? I’ve been boating all my life. As a kid growing up, we had a 42-foot paddlewheel that was built in the 1960’s. As an adult, I’ve owned over 15 boats, most of them pontoons. I have certainly seen and witnessed the evolution of them over the years.

5. Where do you typically boat? Since we now live in North Carolina, we primarily boat on Lake Norman.

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