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Published in the July 2013 Issue July 2013

Like other great outboard manufacturers, Tohatsu has worked ceaselessly to engineer a wide range of engines that perform under the most strenuous of conditions and fit any lifestyle. Tohatsu has created a very broad selection of outboards that range from the quiet 25 horsepower MFS25, to the high-performance, 115 horsepower, 392-pound MD115. Outboards have to be diverse and capable of serving multiple functions. A deck boat can be used to troll to that fishing hot-spot in the morning, and be a high-powered thrill ride in the afternoon. So having an engine that can perform excellently across the power spectrum is a necessity. Fortunately, Tohatsu’s outboard selection has the perfect engine for whatever the boater is in need of.


Tohatsu’s four-stroke MFS25 outboard offers smooth control, quiet operation, and enough power to easily propel that pontoon gently through the water. It has a battery-less electrical fuel injection system and a digital CD ignition system, which not only provides greater fuel injection and more even combustion, but also provides smoother startups. Should the electric startup fail for any reason, the MFS25 can also be started manually. Weighing in at only 157 pounds, the MFS25 is easy to control and gives any boat uncanny maneuverability. Although the MFS25 is lower on the horsepower scale, its RPM range maxes at 6000, making it a powerful engine for its size and class.

For boaters looking for a good trolling motor, the MFS25 is built with a shallow water drive that has six tilt positions, making those shallow portions of the pond more accessible. If you’re in need of a quiet outboard with incredible versatility, the MFS25 is a great option.

MD40 & MD50

Tohatsu has paid attention to the details, and have included specialized engines that address the specific needs that boaters have. The MD40 and MD50 offer many of the same standard features that the MFS25 offers, but there are key differences that both outboards share that its smaller predecessor does not. First, both feature an air-assisted direct fuel injection system, which provides better fuel economy, and ultimately, more time to be on the water doing what you love. Even though both the MD40 and MD50 are larger in size, they still provide a great horsepower-to-weight ratio. This advantage in weight helps make Tohatsu’s outboard performance noticeably different than other leading competitors.

Just like every other of Tohatsu’s incredible outboards, the MD40 and MD50 are manufactured using high-quality parts. With its stainless steel water housing, corrosion-resistant, high-grade marine aluminum and zinc-coated internal water passageways, these outboards are built to last. One of the best features that all of Tohatsu’s outboard line boasts is its limited five-year warranty. With that kind of protection, checking out any one of Tohatsu’s amazing outboards is a must.

MD75 and MD90

Next in the lineup are the MD75 and MD90 outboards. Like the MD40 and MD50, these two larger engines offer air-assisted direct fuel injection, and are manufactured using the same proven techniques, using the same high-grade steel and aluminum construction. Both the MD75 and MD90 also come standard with a built-in freshwater flush system, making routine engine flushes quick and simple.

Many outboards on the market today offer a lot of the same proven technologies, but not as many offer such a wide range of power ranges. Tohatsu has created an outboard for any occasion, and its vast array of standard features and power ranges takes much of the guesswork out of buying the correct outboard. Another great feature on Tohatsu outboards is the luxury of adjustable idle and trolling speeds. While the MD75 and MD90 may be substantially larger than the MFS25, boaters can experience the same amount of troll control with the adjustable trolling speed. For boaters wanting extreme power and versatility, the three-cylinder MD75 and MD90 are worthy of a close look.


The Tohatsu MD115 is the game changer in Tohatsu’s outboard lineup. The MD115 offers a four-cylinder engine with an inductive ignition system for strong, reliable starting. The 115 also offers an electronic oil pump for more precise oil regulation throughout the RPM range and multi-point oil injection for complete lubrication of vital engine components. The engine, like the other outboards, is constructed from strong stainless steel and aluminum manufacturing process to ensure years of amazing engine operation, and is backed by the five-year limited warranty.

The MD115 is a great choice for pontoon or deck boat owners who are looking for thrills while on the water. While this engine may be too large for quiet trolling, it makes an amazingly strong outboard for boaters who are looking to power through the waves. So if high performance and high speed is the name of the game, the MD115 is Tohatsu’s answer.

While there are many great outboards listed in this lineup, they aren’t the only models Tohatsu offers. In fact, for the ultimate trolling experience, Tohatsu manufactures outboards that range from 2.5 to 20hp. So if the decision is still unclear on which engine to get that will perform both as a quiet troller as well as a powerful puller, why not hook up your ‘toon or deck boat with both? If your lake or river is notorious for damaging propeller blades, Tohatsu also manufactures jet propelled outboards in both 25 and 35hp models. With all of the great choices Tohatsu has, making a decision may take a while. But don’t worry, Tohatsu dealers can be located via Tohatsu’s website, which also offers more detailed information on each outboard.

Boaters should have the choice on how much power they want for their boat, and shouldn’t be limited to the few outboards that some other manufacturers offer. Tohatsu has had the consumer in mind and created an expansive line of outboards to fit any boating lifestyle easily. Not only is there a great selection in power, but there are also a great deal of options that come with each engine.

New for 2013, Tohatsu has released a multi-function tiller handle kit for select 25, 30, 40 and 50hp models, so trolling around has been made more versatile and controllable. It’s obvious at this point that there are just too many options to pass up without looking a little deeper into what Tohatsu has to offer. For more information visit

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