Misty Harbor Skye 2385SR

August 2013 Boat Test Monday

What You Need To Know

At nearly 24 feet long, we were pleasantly surprised by just how much Misty Harbor was able to pack into this boat including a cozy bow seating area, matching helm chairs, an entertainment center and two rear-facing stern loungers.


The Highlights

With the removable bow seat you can easily convert the front of your boat into a nice social lounge that provides abundant seating. There is just something about this area that feels nice and cozy; maybe it's the thick glass table that welcomes you.

Across from the captain is a second helm chair that is equally as comfortable as the one for the driver. Having a comfy seat for the first-mate is becoming a popular layout trend in the industry and we can see why. Behind this chair on the portside is a small entertainment center that is complete with a sink and faucet, plus LED lights. We also discovered other key features with these LED lights including the built-in cupholders as well as speaker covers. Having these mood lights will make your evening cruises that much better.

As for the captain, we like the look of the fiberglass helm stand and console that has easy-to-read gauges, MP3 port, 12-volt outlet as well as a full Sony marine-grade stereo. There is even a glovebox below the helm console; it would be nice if it locked, but it's still good just to have a compartment for your smaller items. And even though the majority of the boat is carpeted, we absolutely love the non-skid pad on the elevated helm platform for the captain's feet.

Moving towards the stern, the two large rear-facing lounges with fiberglass bases will be the most coveted onboard. We love that the layout is family-friendly due to the added safety of an enclosed rail design. Below the portside rear lounge is extra storage and below the other is an easy-to-use pop-up changing room. When opened it stands around 5 feet tall, but is plenty wide to really be used. Outside the rear gate is a teak-looking vinyl flooring that nicely finishes off the look of the boat. Also in the stern is an average-size, three-step boarding ladder as well as a ski/tow bar. Having the in-floor ski locker means this ski/tow bar is going to see plenty of action. 


Inspection Notes

Three 25-inch diameter pontoons form the foundation of this boat, each fitted with lifting strakes to bring the pontoons to a higher plane, and a performance shield to reduce drag. Stainless steel nuts and bolts are used to attach the plywood deck to cross-members that are built on 16-inch centers. After a closer inspection this pontoon earned high marks for its fit and finish work and overall craftsmanship. It's a solid and well-built boat from bow to stern.

From a safety stand point, we love the family-friendly layout. It's ideal for those with smaller children and really the only thing missing to complement the design would be some type of a permanent location for a trash can. But other than that it's ready for the kiddos.


Performance Evaluation

Don't let the comfort fool you: this pontoon is a performer as well. We were pleasantly surprised by the power of the Suzuki 175 and by just how well this 23-footer turns. She's very responsive and you always feel safe and in control. Having hydraulic steering with power assist is a great option that really makes the difference in how much fun it really is to drive.


Final Thoughts

Our first impression was a good one, but still this boat seemed to continue to impress us the more we looked. It's a great boat for those looking to upgrade from an entry-level model who want a great boat, while sticking within a budget.


Number of Occupants             12                   

Price As Tested With Power     $49.7K

Maximum Speed                      44.1 mph                     

Wild Ponies                              175hp 

No. of Gates                            3

0-20 MPH                               5.6 seconds     

Ladder Measurement               15' 10" deep


Why we love this boat.Great layout with just enough key features to be considered a solid family-friendly and added-value pontoon. Misty Harbor packs a lot into this model. 


Just being picky.We'd like to see a locking glovebox as well as a trash receptacle come standard on this boat and maybe a more heavy-duty ski/tow bar. But other than that we like this boat as-tested.




Chrome rub rail, and newly designed anodized decorative rails that feature two tone color schemes and an optional center graphic, stainless steel locking hardware to attach 3/4", 7-ply, marine plywood to the cross-members



Premium glass table, dual helm chairs, entertainment center with faucet and sink, raised helm, SeaStar hydraulic steering with power assist



LOA                  23'10" 

Beam                 8' 6"

Hull Design        Pontoon with plywood decking

Dry Weight         1700 lbs.

Fuel Capacity     54 gallons



Engine                                                              Suzuki DF175 TX

Cylinder Type                                                   4

Cubic-inch Displacement/Horsepower  174.9ci/175hp

Lower Unit Gear Ratio                         2.50:1

Propeller                                                          DFV63 X 20 X 16


RPM     vs.      SPEED     vs.    DB-A

900                  1.2                     61.5

1000                4.2                     71.5

1500                4.8                     79

2000                6.6                     77.5

2500                10.2                   87.5

3000                14.4                   91

3500                18.2                   96.5

4000                23.4                   97.5

4500                29                      98

5000                32.4                   102.5

5500                37.5                   101

5900                43.1                   104.5

6100                44.1                 104.5


Fort Dodge, Iowa.



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