Squid Pontoon Paddle

Published in the August 2013 Issue August 2013 PDB Tested

One of the best things about your pontoon boat is the awesome outboard you have on the back. It takes the hard work out of boating, that’s for sure. But just in case, having a paddle onboard can’t hurt. We tested the Squid Pontoon Paddle and we feel it would be a great investment for an emergency situation.

The Squid Paddle will let you reach the water and paddle from anywhere on your boat. A conventional canoe paddle is perfect for a canoe, but it won't reach from the deck of a pontoon. This paddle also breaks down into a more compact size when you’re not using it.

So when I went to assemble the paddle for the first time, I felt a little challenged. I could have used a picture with the directions. I had to read, which let’s face it, makes things a little harder. But once I slapped on the thinking cap, I was good to go. When I got the paddle on the boat, I discovered it works more efficiently than a traditional paddle. The paddle goes into the water flat so you can guide the boat, but if you need to push off in a different direction, the bottom expands so you have more capabilities. I really like the multi-use design, plus how easy it is to store.

Don’t let the $100 price tag get you, that’s the Canadian dollar amount. When you do the math, the Squid Pontoon Paddle will set you back $96 U.S. dollars.



Portable 19/20

Function 48/50

Durability 8/10

Design 8/10

Price 7/10


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