You Named Your Boat What?

Excerpts from recent PDB forum exchanges at

Published in the August 2013 Issue August 2013 Feature

Every boat needs a good name or a good back story. It’s a conversation piece! Here’s a sneak peek on some of our forum members’ boat names.

[papasmurf] has an interesting dilemma. Some may recall my ‘toons given name is Shiney Hiney and my first mate has always been embarrassed by this. My explanation is because the rear end of the ‘toon is shiny, and it has an opening for water, etc. to drain. My justification is further boosted by a fact in the Vietnam War. One rescue helicopter I flew was named, Naked Fanny because the clamshell doors in the tail end of the chopper were removed for cooling and a space for M-16 firing. The rear end was fully exposed to thrown coconuts, rocks, and AK-47 ground fire, plus it had a big hole in it. So the name Naked Fanny. Now, all in favor of Shiney Hiney type “Yea” and against it “Nay.” Thanks for helping me solve this crucial policy because she's threatening to nuke the ‘toon if we don't.

[Capt Sully] is onboard. Nothing wrong with Shiney Hiney. Could be worse, like Bubble Butt (because of the two ‘toon ends). So it’s a yea!

[BobG] Rule ZERO of the Casual Navy (that is, it comes before all other rules): The Admiral is right. But here's a radical suggestion: Ask HER!

[rickdb1] Maybe Tiny Hiney would be better.

[Mike K] I think it's a great name, but if the first mate doesn’t care for it I'd pass. The wife and I have had a 20-foot boat for over nine years and still haven't agreed on a name!

But last fall, we rescued an old 24-foot pontoon and I quickly named her Ugly Betty. Sometimes they name themselves!

Is Shiney Hiney a go or a no? Head over to our forum at to let papasmurf know what you think.

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