Forum Member Spotlight: 1outboard

May 2014

We are proud to introduce 1ouboard (Loyd) to you! He's straight from our own forum. 

1. What kind of boat do you currently own? 
Customized 2001 24’ Parti Kraft modified with a side load wheel chair ramp. I could not afford much so I bought an old work boat at auction and spent a year restoring it. I named that boat "Therapy." I began carrying other veterans fishing with me to get them out of the house or the VA hospital. I ran into an issue trying to get the more severely wounded guys in and out of the boat safely. It became apparent to me that I needed a wheelchair accessible boat. The best thing I could think of was a pontoon boat. It has taken me awhile but I have managed to put one together. 

2. What is your favorite thing about it? 
There is plenty of room to fight big fish with all the furniture removed.

3. What is your dream boat? 
I would love to have a Carolina Custom 40-50’ Paul Mann Offshore fishing boat but I would never use it. The next boat on my list is a custom 30’X10’ Pontoon with a wheel chair accessible bathroom and Wheel chair ramp. Not sure how I am going to pay for it but that is my next boat most likely.

4. Share a fun/exciting boating memory: 
Winning two tournaments back to back with my Veteran fishing team this spring. I run Challenge Outdoors, which is my own personal mission to help veterans in my community. I have been carrying wounded, ill and injured veterans fishing for the past couple years. I was medically retired from the US Army in 2008 after being injured in Iraq in 2007. It is my way of giving back or paying forward what had been done for me by fellow veterans. My first year out of the Army was spent in my basement away from the rest of the world. My wife and a couple of dedicated veterans drug me out of my basement and convinced me there was more to life than just surviving. They challenged me to find something that I enjoyed in life and to get out and do it.

5. What is the must have boating accessory? 
Fishing Gear

6. How long have you been boating? 
40 years

7. Where do you typically boat? 
James River

8. What part of the country has the best boating? 
The part that has the best fishing.

9. Who would you like to nominate to be our next Forum Member Spotlight? 
I would nominate Greg but he has already been featured. 

We are so grateful for Loyd's service abroad and the mission he's taken on here at home.  A FULL FEATURE will be running on him in the July issue of PDB. Subscribe here if you don't want to miss it!

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