PDB wears life jackets to work

May 2014 Industry

In honor of  National Safe Boating Week (May 17–23, 2014), the team here at Pontoon & Deck Boat Magazine wore our life jackets to work. Bulky, sure? Hard to type? Absolutely. Barista at the local coffee hut slowing backing up as we enter? We wouldn’t expect anything less. But as the season approaches, our team wanted to take part in spreading the message of safe and responsible boating. Just because we went for the bulky option doesn't mean you have to. Safeboatingcampaign.com continues to educate the boating community about life jacket wear and the options that are available when it comes to comfortable and lightweight life jackets. They are hoping these collaborative efforts will increase awareness about the importance of always wearing life jackets while on the water.

Knowledge and skills are important in reducing human error and improving judgment. If people are aware of the risk, they are likely to take the precautionary measures to protect themselves and their friends and family. That is why we must continue to spread the messages of boating safety not only during National Safe Boating Week but also throughout the entire year.

Quick Facts

On average, 700 people die each year in boating-related accidents in the U.S.; approximately 70% of these are fatalities caused by drowning.

The vast majority of these accidents are caused by human error or poor judgment and not by the boat, equipment, or environmental factors. 

A significant number of boaters who lose their lives by drowning each year would be alive today had they worn their life jackets.

Today’s life jackets are more comfortable, more attractive, and more wearable than styles of years past and deserve a fresh look by today’s boating public.

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