Forum Member Spotlight: wish2fish

July 2014 Forum Member Spotlight

We love our forum members and are so grateful for their valuable input. We love to spotlight our forum members. Here's an interview we did with forum member wish2fish. 

1.     What kind of boat do you currently own?

I own a 1995 Manitou with 48 hp Evinrude. I have been gradually fixing it up to make it nicer but it meets our needs. We also own 2003 SeaRay 220 Bow Rider.

2. What is your favorite thing about it?

Co-owning it with my 83 year old father. I’m mainly the maintenance guy, he is the majority user.  My dad graduated high school in 1949, enlisted in the Air Force and shipped off to England. He met my mom there and started our family. He came back to the States, started working and raising a family of eight kids. He used to go boating with me occasionally but back in the early 2000s, he was always talking about pontoons. In 2005 I told him I would go in with him on one if he wanted. I’m proud to say that all seven of my siblings come to my camp to go boating with Dad.  Several of his grand children make it a point to go pontooning with “papa” and one of his grandsons made “Pontooning with Papa” coolie cups for him to pass out. ENOUGH SAID!

3. Share a fun/exciting boating memory:

My brothers and dad are golfers.  I only golf on Father’s Day and our city golf outing to be with Dad and my brothers. I decided to give up golf and start a pontoon outing the Friday before Father’s Day.  Now, many of my siblings come for a few hours of cruising and a dinner at a local floating restaurant where my dad is like a rock star to the owners and waitresses.

4. What is your dream boat?

I wouldn’t mind a nice tricked out Bennington but our boat is just fine!

5. What is the must have boating accessory?

Personally for me it is a good stereo system. It doesn’t have to peel paint or make the fish bubble to the surface but it must loud enough to crank up your favorite song.

6. Where do you typically boat?

I boat the Ohio River at mile marker 433 near the Markland Dam.

7. How long have you been boating?

I started boating in 1978 with friends

8. What part of the country has the best boating?

I think Kentucky and Tennessee have great boating because there are so many choices of lakes and rivers if you can tow your boat to them.

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