All about the Quadratoon

September 2014 News Web Exclusive

So many of you have been asking about Quadratoon. We told you they were debuting at PDB Days and they did. Most of our team didn’t know exactly what to expect so we were excited when we saw the boat pull in the dock. PDB editor, Brady Kay, had seen it before but he had signed a confidentiality agreement and the man has scruples. Even when I tried to guess, he wouldn’t budge. Even when I bribed him, he held his ground.  

Personally, I was thinking it must have been a performance tube system that incorporated a fourth log. I’m so creative right? But as it turns out, the products not what the name implies. It’s so much more and has the ability to take any pontoon to the next level.

I won’t hold you in suspense any longer. The Quadratoon is a patented hydraulic system that extends a platform out the front of your boat. It makes your boat much longer and provides an additional swim deck for little ones to jump off of. The platform supports a ton of weight and feels sturdy out on the water.

As the creators explained it to me, it allows grandma and grandpa to be on the boat and watch their grandkids have fun on the water with a little distance in between. With the extra space, no one feels crowded. At the end of the day, the platform tucks neatly underneath your ‘toon between the logs.  

I tested it out myself and was super impressed. The platform extends easily and quietly. It also feels as stable as the rest of the boat and definitely gives the boat extra space. When the system is put away, you can see why the company calls themselves Quadratoon.

Some quick facts about the Quadratoon:

  • Increases useable floor space by 65%
  • Retro fits to your EXISTING pontoon boat, houseboat or dock
  • Increases stability and handling of your pontoon
  • Increases weight hauling capacity
  • Gets on plane faster with less horsepower
  • Provides dignified handicap access for wheelchairs, walkers, or scooters

The company prides themselves on keeping their product affordable for the everyday pontoon owner. Visit their website at for more information. 

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