Quadratoon Countdown!

New Quadratoon to be unveiled at PDB Days

September 2014 Feature, News Web Exclusive

Like a lightning bolt or a parking ticket, inspiration can strike when you least expect it. This is something Michael O’Neal and Blaine Lawson discovered for themselves, as their revolutionary idea for changing the pontoon design hit during a quiet campfire night. Fast-forward to 20 months later and the two friends are now finishing up their prototype of the Quadratoon.

You might remember the mysteries of the Quadratoon being mentioned by PDB magazine earlier. Details on the specifics are still being kept quiet, but they let some exciting news slip out—their brand-new design will have its big release at PDB Days! The Quadratoon is roosting in Branson next to Table Rock Lake only two weekends from now.

“It’s called the Quadratoon, but it’s more complicated than the name suggests and it’s not self explanatory,” says O’Neal, who is the president. “It covers five NMMA award categories; it really is the golden egg.”

While we’re still in the dark on what the golden egg of pontoons is like, a few details have been released, including its incredible versatility.

“What makes the Quadratoon so unique is that it applies to brand new pontoons as well as boats that go back 20 years,” says Lawson. “You can breathe new life into your old pontoon, plus it’s affordable too.”

At the unveiling, PDB Days invites everyone to join us on Table Rock Lake for boat demos, exhibits, an evening cruise, barrel racing, and exciting give-aways, including one brand-new boat. If you want in on the front-lines to watch the Quadratoon be revealed for the first time ever to public eye, click here to buy a ticket now!  

Continue to watch for updates from PDB magazine as the Missouri-based company gets even closer to officially releasing the Quadratoon just days from now. For more information, visit www.quadratoon.com.

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