Improve The Odds With Perko's Angled Rod Holders

January 2015 Web Exclusive

It’s basic math: the more fishing lines you have in the water, the more likely you are to snag a fish.

Perko can do math, too, and that’s why they came out with their full line of angled rod holders. With rod holders you can dip more lines into the lake than you have hands for, and the clamp-on models offer easy relocation to a rail, tower, or wherever onboard you want to set up shop. They also offer external side mount and flush vertical mount rod holders.

These rod holders come in a variety of materials to match your environment: chrome-plated zinc alloy for freshwater and chrome-plated bronze or stainless steel for salt or brackish waters. You can also go for marinium, a light-weight, corrosion-resistant alloy with the highest strength to weight ratio for any common marine metal out there.

With flange gaskets and integral flip-up caps to keep out spray and rainwater, as well as soft black liners to safeguard expensive equipment, the standard features are fantastic. Optional drain bibs will guide water out the holder through a small hose that hooks up to a bilge for added convenience. A spectrum of tube lengths and diameters cater to most applications out there and you can get replacement caps, tube liners, and gaskets if needed.

Angled to 65 degrees, these holders can be mounted to face aft or angle outward any degree you need, though 45 degrees is considered the highest for best performance. With manipulated variables like these you can get the full advantage of each pole’s position, action, and power while preventing the lines from tangling together. Visit Perko’s newly touched-up website to see their Ship Shape TV segment that helps boaters choose the rod holder to best fit their ideals. These rod holders start at about $65. (305-621-7525/

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