Aqua Patio 250 Express

April 2015 Boat Test Monday

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What You Need To Know

We’re guessing Nautical Global Group owns a time machine because the future of pontoons is here. The styling and contour of pontoons have come a long way in such a short amount of time, yet this new Aqua Patio seems to take being sporty to a whole new level.  

The Highlights

You can easily spot this pontoon on the water and it starts with the flat black metallic side panels with just the right amount of blue and grey accent color. However, it’s the unique and fully integrated radar arch tower that is exclusive to the manufacturer that the pontoon was designed around. It’s freestanding and truly a work of art and when combined with the Wet Sounds stereo system that includes tower speakers, plus a sub woofer and amp, it really does complete the boat.

A new helm console has been designed for 2015 and the brushed stainless steel console includes a built-in Garmin GPS in the center with two multi-function Yamaha gauges on each side. For the captain is an elevated platform with a tall helm chair where the arm rests fold down when not needed, and the acrylic back of the chair only adds to its futuristic design. The honeycomb pattern with the black, blue and grey vinyl colors in the helm chair can also be found throughout the boat with the rest of the furniture.

Just past the dual tables and rear bench seats behind the helm, the flooring transitions from carpet to faux teak vinyl flooring. This is also where the two jump seats are located (with storage below in the fiberglass bases) and there is even a place to rest your feet. Also in the stern is a solid ski/tow bar and an easy-to-use four-step S-shaped boarding ladder that drops deep into the water. There are plenty of LED lights onboard too, including mood lighting on the floor, around the cupholders and even below deck that light up just above the pontoon logs.   

Inspection Notes

Built for performance, the three 27-inch diameter pontoons have lifting strakes on both sides and a full-length aluminum underskin that helps protect the bottom of the boat. Up top the rail height varies from 24 inches tall in the stern to a very family-friendly height of 28 inches mid-ship. With the center walk-through layout without a stern gate, you’ll want to keep smaller children in the bow, but overall we consider this to be a safe and well-built pontoon.  

Performance Evaluation

Not only is it built and designed to look fast, but considering it’s a 50 mile per hour boat with a zero to 20 mph time of just over four and a half seconds, it’s safe to say it performs as well as it looks. Paired with a Yamaha F350 four-stroke, she handles beautifully in the turns and is extremely responsive. It took some extra time before Aqua Patio was ready to release its Express model prior to this year, but clearly, based on the way it performs, it was well worth the wait.          

Our Take

Aqua Patio deserves credit for taking its line of pontoons and adding a futuristic flare to create a new line of boats. The attention to even the smallest detail is what sets this pontoon apart. From the styling and contour to the way it performs, this boat is sure to attract a crowd wherever it goes.  

2015 Boat Specifications

Number of Occupants            16                   

Maximum Speed                     50.9 mph                    

Wild Ponies                             350 hp

No. of Gates                           3

0-20 MPH                               4.53 seconds  

Ladder Measurement             3’ 6” deep 

Why we love this boat…Out-of-the-box thinking at its best. The design is aggressive and the sporty look is backed up by the way it performs. 

Just being picky…With no stern gate because of the two jumper seats, families with younger children will want to keep their kids in the bow. 

PDB Days Reader Choice Feedback

The design is great, the layout is beautiful and I love the color. 


Color-coordinated woven acrylic w/ protective easy open boot and chrome-plated forward support leg rail hardware, carbon fiber pearl base vinyl, Sea Star hydraulic steering w/ tilt wheel, Capt. chair w/ swivel, slider, reclining, self-leveling arms, and fixed headrest, courtesy interior lighting, mood accent lights under seats, storage under seat trays, 25 qt carry-on cooler, and changing room w/ curtain. 


Faux teak vinyl flooring in stern and SeaStar with auxiliary steering booster. 


LOA                  27’ 0”             

Beam                 8’ 6”

Hull Design       Three Pontoons

Dry Weight       3573 lbs.

Fuel Capacity    45 gallons 


Engine                                                             Yamaha F350 

Cylinder Type                                                 V8 DOHC 32-valve

Cubic-inch Displacement/Horsepower           325.3ci/350hp

Lower Unit Gear Ratio                                   1.73:1

Propeller                                                          17 X 16 1/4


RPM     vs.    SPEED     vs.     DB-A

600                  1.1                     72

1000                4.5                     78

1500                7.8                     81

2000                10.9                   86

2500                16.6                   91

3000                22.6                   93

3500                26.6                   95

4000                31.9                   98

4500                37.9                 102

5000                41.6                 104

5500                45.8                 105

5900                50.9                 109




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