BoatUS reveals the top ten boat names for 2015

April 2015 Industry Web Exclusive

BoatUS has released their annual list of the top ten boat names in the country, and as expected, there are a lot of familiar names, but not nearly as many puns as I expected (or should I say feared?). Serenity took the top spot for the second year in a row. BoatUS spokesman Scott Croft said, “Calm, peaceful and untroubled is what boating is all about for so many boaters." I guess boat owners go out on the lake to find peace; who knew? It also marks the name's tenth appearance on the list since BoatUS started issuing them back in 1992. Without further ado (my next boat's name), here's the list for 2015:

  1. Serenity
  2. Seas the Day
  3. Andiamo (Italian for “let’s go”)
  4. Aquaholic
  5. Second Wind
  6. Island Time
  7. Happy Ours
  8. Journey
  9. Serendipity
  10. Relentless

“Picking a boat name can be harder than naming one’s own child,” said Croft. “Boat names can reflect your lifestyle, your relationship to loved ones or what you do for a living. And that’s only the beginning.”

If you're having trouble deciding on what to name your next boat, you could do worse than the ones listed here. Alternatively, you can head to BoatUS's website (located here) to get some ideas and even start designing how you want it to appear on your boat.

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