Springtime boating tips

April 2015 Web Exclusive

Courtesy of our friends over at BoatUS, we have three handy tips for getting your springtime boating expedition underway, or at least off to a non-rocky start. 

  1. Hey, man, the water's still pretty cold this time of year (especially in PDB's home base of Idaho Falls, ID), even if it's technically warm outside. You may be rocking a T-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops, but your tune will change pretty drastically if you happen to take a dip into water, so keep a life jacket handy, or even rig up some kind of ladder to get you out of the water's clutches quickly.
  2. Back-up plans. Everyone should have one, for any circumstance, but especially for a boating excursion. If something befalls your boat or you while you're on the water, you'll want someone to know where you are so they can come find you in the event of a blown motor or something similar.
  3. Before you ever get the boat into the water, take your time making sure your vessel is sea (or lake) worthy. Check out our list of things to attend to before you take your boat out and get her in floating shape.

Remember what Smokey the Bear says: safety first! Wait, not Smokey. What mascot said that? Well, how about one from Ben Franklin: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So follow these tips and you'll be all set for a safe spring.

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