Get On Your Appetizer Game Face!

August 2015 Product Web Exclusive

Whether you’re hosting big parties on your boat or just want to feed your gang of family and friends, keeping food chilled during the heat haze of summer can be a challenge. Onboard coolers do their part in keeping everything cool beforehand, but once everything’s set up to start eating under the sun, you’ll find that things can warm up fairly quickly.  


For anyone who wants to serve cold appetizers that stay cold on the servingware and look elegant on top of it all, check out the Prodyne Iced Platter or Iced Dip serving bowl.

Dishwasher-safe and made of stainless steel, these sets are perfect for summer entertaining. Ice beneath the platter or dip bowl keeps food cool without any mess and minimal effort on your part. The platter is selling for $17.99 at places like Amazon, while the three-piece serving bowl, which comes with a plastic snap-on lid for easy storage of left-overs, is currently selling for $19.93 on Amazon. If you’re after a stylish and creative way to keep your food or dips chilled on your pontoon or deck boat, make sure to check these out. Serve it up!

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