Manitou Launches Revolutionary Fiberglass Pontoons

August 2015 Industry, News Web Exclusive

Allegedly, Ferris Bueller took his iconic day off thirty years ago. While this truant cinema-stopper was making a point to avoid work, the team behind Manitou Boats were gearing up to do exactly the opposite—digging into the development of the X-Plode XT and Legacy LT. Three decades later, their relentless research and innovative thinking have been fully rewarded with the introduction of these two game-changers on their anniversary.

Manitou has always been lauded as a remarkable innovator from its existing line of pontoons, so what is it that makes the X-Plode XT and Legacy LT newly distinct?

Fiberglass. Everything from the deck up is crafted of fiberglass without adding significant weight so that performance is not compromised.

 “When we started 30 years ago, I never dreamed the pontoon boat would evolve to the point we’ve reached today,” remarked Scott VanWagenen, President of Manitou. “Now, with our new LT and XT offerings, we have pushed the envelope even further, totally blurring the line between pontoons and runabouts.”


This marriage of traditional boat hull performance with a pontoon design has already set Manitou apart.

“We’ve always believed that our customers shouldn’t have to compromise,” VanWagenen explained. “These new boats are further proof of that.”

The deck furniture in the X-Plode XT (sport model) and the Legacy LT (luxury model) is fully integrated into the fiberglass, like in a speedboat. The XT is offered with a Titanium or Platinum fiberglass base and you can choose from four different graphics and furniture packages. The LT is likewise available with fiberglass bases of Titanium, Light Taupe, or Light Tan, along with three different graphics and furniture floor plans. Every boat also has an application of a custom clear coat, and both models are available in 23-foot and 25-foot lengths.

To go along with these high-end finishes, there is also a focus on enhanced functionality. The fiberglass side gate has a friction hinge, allowing it to stay open at any angle instead of automatically shutting like traditional gates. A Murphy Screen provides digital readouts and remote access control of the wake tower. Any layout you could choose utilizes space quite efficiently. 

“We can’t wait to see people out in these new boats,” VanWagenen added. “That’s what we love doing—helping people enjoy a great day on the water.”

For more information about the X-Plode XT and Legacy LT, or any other boats from Manitou, make sure to check out

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